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Our team of insolvency experts provides comprehensive legal services to help you manage difficult insolvency situations and find solutions to protect your financial interests.

1. Insolvency Consulting

We offer specialist advice to debtors in financial difficulty to help identify the best options available to avoid or manage insolvency.

2. Reorganization of Insolvent Companies

We provide assistance in the reorganization and recovery of insolvent businesses, with the aim of returning them to profitability and solvency.

3. Legal Representation in Insolvency Proceedings

Our team of lawyers represent you in insolvency proceedings, ensuring that your rights are protected before creditors and the courts.


4. Reorganization Plans

We assist in the development and negotiation of reorganization plans in insolvency proceedings to ensure that you have a successful chance of financial recovery.

5. Sale of Assets or Liquidation

We provide assistance in managing asset sale or business liquidation processes in cases where insolvency is unavoidable.


6. Risk Assessment and Insolvency Prevention Solutions

We analyze your business to identify potential insolvency risks and offer you preventive solutions.

7. Assistance to Creditors

We provide representation services for creditors who wish to protect their interests and maximize their recovery in insolvency proceedings.

8. Consulting for Natural Persons in Insolvency

We assist individuals experiencing financial difficulties and provide advice on personal insolvency proceedings.

Whether you are a company or an individual facing financial difficulties, it is important to have access to specialist insolvency legal services. With our team of insolvency experts, we are here to guide you through the complex processes and help you find effective solutions for your financial situations. Contact us today to discuss your insolvency needs and how we can help you recover financially.

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