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Our team of specialist intellectual property lawyers provides advice and legal assistance for the protection and management of your intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.


1. Registration of Trademarks

We assist in the trademark registration process to protect your brand identity and ensure that there are no infringements of your rights.

2. Copyright

​We provide copyright advice and review contracts and agreements to ensure you protect your creations and artwork.

3. Patents and Inventions

We assist inventors and innovators in the patent registration process to protect their inventions and innovations.


4. Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

We guide you in protecting and managing your company's trade secrets and confidential information.


5. Litigation and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Our team represents you in intellectual property rights disputes and acts to defend your rights against infringement.


6. License Agreements and Transfer of Rights

We advise on the drafting and negotiation of license agreements and rights transfer agreements to enable the use or commercialization of intellectual property.


7. Online and Data Protection

We advise on the online protection of intellectual property and data, including in cases of online piracy and fraud.


8. Consulting in Ethics and Correct Conduct

We help clients comply with ethics and rules of good conduct regarding intellectual property.


Intellectual property protection is essential for innovators, artists, companies and anyone who owns valuable intellectual assets. With our intellectual property legal services, we help you protect and capitalize on these assets. Contact us today to discuss your intellectual property needs and how we can help protect your rights and innovations.

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