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Signing a Contract


Our team of attorneys specialized in public procurement law provides expertise and legal consultancy to guide you through the complex process of public procurement and ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

  1. Consultancy on Public Procurement Procedures We offer detailed consultancy on public procurement procedures, including the preparation of tender documents and evaluation criteria.

  2. Drafting and Review of Public Procurement Documents We assist in drafting and reviewing public procurement documents, such as participation announcements, specifications, and contracts.

  3. Evaluation of Bids and Selection Criteria We help you evaluate received bids and establish selection criteria for choosing bidders.

  4. Compliance with Public Procurement Regulations We provide assistance to ensure that public procurement procedures comply with national and European regulations.

  5. Litigation and Disputes in Public Procurement Our team represents you in litigations and disputes related to public procurement, including challenges to procurement procedures.

  6. Consultancy for Contracting Entities We offer consultancy for contracting entities to ensure a correct and efficient conduct of public procurement procedures.

  7. Assistance for Economic Operators We assist economic operators wishing to participate in public procurement procedures, ensuring compliance with requirements and presenting competitive offers.

  8. Review of Contracts and Execution of Public Procurements We assist in reviewing and managing contracts resulting from public procurement procedures and help you monitor their execution.

  9. Training and Guidance We provide training and guidance for your staff regarding public procurement procedures and compliance with regulations.

Public procurement is a complex field with strict compliance requirements and rigorous procedures. With our team of experts in public procurement law, we are here to help you achieve your goals in this area and ensure that processes are fair and efficient. Contact us today to discuss your public procurement needs and how we can assist you.

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